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Street Outreach

Employees and volunteers are the boots on the ground finding our homeless population to connect them to community resources.

The goal of the CLHC Street Outreach Program is to locate individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and link them to main stream beinifts to help get them off of the streets and into permanent housing. The program is designed to be administered in whatever location the participant feels most comfortable in whether that is an office, the library, or even their own campsite within the community.

The primary focus of the program is to work with participants to help establish supportive relationships with their case manager and local community members. From their the program works to give people advice and support and hopefully enhance the possibility that they will access necessary services and supports that will help them move off the streets.

If you believe that you have encounted someone who is experincing homelessness you can email our street outreach worker at or call us at (318) 443-0500 ext. 1203.