What a sponsor provides the CLHC

As a sponsor of the Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition, you are supporting the idea that every individual has a right to safe, decent, and affordable housing.

The Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition annually identifies and assesses a number of people who are deemed chronically homeless to determine the acuity and medical vulnerability of each person. Then, together with our member agencies, we attempt to permanently house these individuals, beginning with the most acute and most vulnerable persons. Sponsorship dollars support the coordination efforts led by the Coalition to identify and assess each individual. Without your sponsorship, there would be no one coordinating this effort to house our most vulnerable homeless individuals across all homelessness programs.

In 2013, the Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition began tracking the number of chronically homeless persons placed into permanent housing units. By December of that year, our Coalition had collectively housed 38 chronically homeless persons! Then, in 2014, our Coalition was able to permanently house 63 chronically homeless individuals, with most of them being homeless veterans! Your sponsorship ensures that the most medically vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals receive the top priority when a housing unit becomes available.

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