Have you thought of that…

I, Kendra, experienced a situation this morning that I thought I would share, since it wasn’t the first time. Maybe it will sound familiar.

I was in a local business and the lady behind the counter recognized me and asked me questions relating to homelessness. When she asked about shelter, I explained that we prefer to divert people from expensive shelter to more affordable and permanent options. She replied with the following statement, which I’ve heard so many times: “It would be cheaper if they just got jobs.”

…In a very polite way, I asked how she thought she would fare on the job market with no address, no shower or clean clothes. She replied that she had not thought of that.

I realize a lot of people have not thought of that. And that is why I wanted to share this story. This is also the exact reason why the Housing Resource Center is so important. We not only advocate, but we also want to help them by providing these specific services, in addition to case management, job search, assistance with disability benefits, and transportation for work or doctor appointments.

Please share this. You can help by being an advocate.

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